Romsey Arthritis Hydrotherapy Group Welcomes You

Take Control of your Pain


For all residents of Hampshire
6 Reasons why you should join us

1. We can get you exercising sooner after injury or surgery than on land.
2. We can strengthen and improve mobility in muscles and joints in a pain-free way.
3. We will grade the exercises to allow you to progress at your own pace.
4. We work on rehabilitating injuries and improving fitness in tandem.
5. Our treatment will compliment any land based therapy programs.
6. Physiotherapy has never been so enjoyable!

To address the overwhelming need for an affordable, effective and achievable treatment for people suffering with all types of arthritis, RAHG has been successfully offering hydrotherapy classes as a self management approach to enable people to take control of their condition. Our members have improved their mobility and reduced their pain levels significantly.

'I have been going to RAHG for a year now after being told I have severe osteoarthritis in my back. I have thoroughly enjoyed the hydrotherapy which is fun and excellent for my condition. Since coming I have gone from strength to strength and can now do much more than I could before, which has had a huge impact on my life. I think this is an invaluable group and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.'                                        

Anna Riddle 

Where are the Hydrotherapy Sessions Held?

The hydrotherapy sessions are held at Red Lodge Community Pool, Vermont Close, Bassett, Southampton. Click on the map below for directions.

The pool is warmer than a normal swimming pool to relax the muscle and relieve your pain promoting pain-free movement.